LobaDur_0001_LOBADUR_WS_UV-Protect.jpgLobaDur WS UV-Protect

Lobadur WS UV-Protect

Sales price R431,25
Tax amount R56,25
Prevents the UV-light inducted yellowing of light coloured wood species. For LOBADUR® waterborne finishes. This primarily leads to problems when carpets or items of furniture are moved at a later date and the change in wood colour becomes very noticeable. Prevents the darkening of light colored wood under the influence of light, such as for instance, maple, birch, ash, spruce. Lightening of dark types of wood cannot be prevented by using this product.
• Original appearance of the wood is preserved long-term
• Can be used for all waterborne LOBADUR® finishes
• Innovation from LOBA

Effective protection against UV light. Add one bottle of UV Protect to each 5L canister of Loba Varnish for the final coat to give additional UV protection.


Prevents yellowing of bright wood species such as e.g. oak, maple, birch, spruce, ash. LOBADUR® WS UV-Protect can be added to each LOBADUR® water based varnish.

Download the Technical Info Sheet below for application instructions. 

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