LobaDur_0045_11038_LOBADUR_WS_EasyFillPlus.jpgLobaDur WS Easyfill Plus

Lobadur WS EasyFill Plus - 5 L

Sales price R1207,50
Tax amount R157,50
Waterborne binder. For the production of wood filler. The newest generation of waterborne fillers fills larger gaps in one application. Exceprtional filling ability, fast drying and fast sandability in total lead to significant time savings.
-Easy to work with
-Also closes broader joints by one-time application
-No subsiding of the filler in the joint
-Very fast drying
-Excellent sandability; clearly visible and low adhesion on sanding paper
-Excellent color scheme for oiled and varnished surfaces
-Applicable for all common european and exotic wood types
-Odour neutral

Waterborne binder, which can be mixed with sanding dust for the preparation of wood filler. The alternative to all solvent-based products. Can be used for filling of cracks and gaps up to 2mm.


This wood filler boasts optimal adhesive properties in joints and is fast drying.  Additional advantages are low consumption, colour matches the floor and excellent filling properties.

Download the Technical Info Sheet below for application instructions. 


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