LobaDur_0015_LOBADUR_WS_2K_Duo_RGB_72dpi.jpgLobaDur WS 2K Duo Anti-Slip

Lobadur WS 2K Duo Matt 5kg

Sales price R2587,50
Tax amount R337,50
Water-based 2-Component polyurethane finish for wooden floors.
For extremely heavy wear. This very low-emissions coating is perfect
in particular for event halls, offices or residential buildings. Elastic,
excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.
• Simple and safe application
• Very low emissions, certified to EC1 R Plus
• Universally usable on various different substrates
• Excellent wear resistance
• Excellent chemical resistance

Popular for its excellent cost-effectiveness and versatility. Advantages: Highest order of durability! Highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals. Also available with a special anti-slip formula for increased slip-resistance.



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