LobaSol_0019_10602_LOBASOL_HSAkzent100Wax.jpgLobaSol HS Akzent 100 Wax

HS Akzent 100 Wax - 1 Lt

Sales price R469,00
Base price with tax R569,25
Tax amount R61,17
The ideal companion product to Lobasol HS Akzent Oil.


HS Akzent 100 Wax is 100% solvent-free. The application of LOBASOL® HS Akzent 100 Wax gives the floor a satiny sheen with a noticeable higher filling capacity and improved chemical resistance.

Spread Rate: 50m2 Per Litre

Drying Time: 12-24 Hours

Applicator: Trowel

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